PokemonGo: My Childhood Dream!

Miracles (Quote from ending of Pokemon XY video games):

“You and I were born right here in the same world. For this one brief life, we’re beneath the same sky. The great flow of time. The wide expanse of space. We are lucky enough to share this lifetime we get. We can gain more if we give. By taking, we only lose. Let us make this a new age where we show our gratitude. There’s a fragile bud of hope, blooming in each of our hearts. Don’t you take that away. Our dreams are meant to be shared. Let it grow. Let it live. Let us see what it will bring. When we share in our love, we make a beautiful world. Search it out, and find the way: the point where we can all meet. The point where we’re all the same. There it lies: the future we seek. Start from there, and then we’ll forge a world where all can be free. Free to dream, and free to smile. Free to be who we will be. Let’s make sure we create…A world of our hopes and dreams. In our brief lives, we’ve managed to meet. Treasure this gift, this precious time that we have. In our brief lives, we’ve managed to meet.  Treasure this gift, this precious time that we have.”

SCAN0088It was around 1998, when I was only three years old, when I first discovered Pokémon. I was staying at my Memaw’s house when it came on TV one morning. After that day, I begged my parents until they finally allowed me to get the Pokémon Handbook; I made them read it to me every night. My father, having had to read everything for me, including the video games of trading card game, ending up loving it as much as me. We are a Pokémon family, my brother was born into it; we’ve traveled to so many events, if you name an event we were probably there, collected all the merchandise we could, and made so many memories. I credit Pokemon with teaching how to read, math skills, social skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, and so much more.

Back in its heyday, more than once every week, with a guaranteed Pokémon League led by my father on Saturdays, we would go somewhere to play Pokémon with other people. With time interest faded somewhat, and that ended the weekly league trips, but we continued going to the major events.

I got picked on in school for my love of Pokémon, among other things. My peers seemed to think it was stupid, childish, and only for boys. They, of course, had never tried it before, and had no idea what Pokémon was about. (It’s worth noting that I’ve seen many of those same peers posting on Facebook about playing PokemonGo) Though many people are now playing PokemonGo, there are still people bashing it who haven’t even bothered to find out what it really is; that is why I felt compelled to write this. Many keep saying it is dangerous, but it is only dangerous if you are stupid and don’t look up from your phone!!!!

I remember praying at night as a child for the Pokémon world to be real. I wanted so badly for Pokémon to be real not just because I wanted to explore the natural world looking for Pokémon, but also because in the Pokémon world everyone is nice and helps one another. There are differences in opinion, but everyone is brought together through that world’s version of animals.

In a way, my childhood dream has come true through PokemonGo. In a world where we have became so divided by our so called “differences,” people all over are coming together working towards a common goal: catching Pokémon! People of all ages and races are meeting up and socializing in the real world, not online; and exercising a lot! Even though there are different teams with different philosophies within the game (I’m Team Instinct by the way) people are still not letting that divide them. PokemonGo is the most wonderful thing that could have possibly happened for this world; it makes me want to cry every time I think about how similar this is the message of the XY games, and what Pokémon stands for.


Print Books and Pendants Available Now!

If you donated to recieve a print book or pendant from my IndieGoGo campaign, they are on the way now! We are still working on the ebooks and soundtrack. I’m currently trying to find a way to sell the print books and pendants through my website, and until that is completed you can contact me to purchase them. If you haven’t already done so, please follow my Wolf’s WAR pages for updates! It has been a long, hard journey that is still ongoing, yet I’m still so glad a could accomplish this. I’m glad that some of you have proven to be true friends that have supported me through this journey.

Introduce A Plus-Size, Female X-Man!

After having just seen X-Men Apocalypse a few days ago, and it was amazing by the way, I began thinking once again about something that has been bothering me about the X-Men franchise for some time; why in the world have they not had a plus-size, female X-Man yet?! I don’t mean something like the Blob who is made fun of rather blatantly; I mean a character whose weight is not mentioned, and does not define who they are. I’m not just talking the comics either; I’m talking about the films as well.

The X-Men have paved the way for tolerance and acceptance of all people since their debut in 1963. The franchise is about being different, and the struggles mutants face just for being who they are. To get this message across, they have represented different races, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations within the X-Men universe. The X-Men franchise has also featured strong female characters that have inspired generations of girls and women. I think it’s about time for the X-Men franchise to pave the way for tolerance again.

When more than 2 in 3 adults in the U.S. are considered overweight or obese, and over 70% of women in the U.S. are a size 14 or above, isn’t it about time that those people be represented in a positive light within our pop culture? Barbie is already paving the way with its line of different sizes of dolls; including a curvier figured model. There has even been a plus sized, female superhero introduced by Valiant Comics!

As a fan of the X-Men franchise, and a plus size woman, I whole heartedly believe that introducing a plus size X-Man to the franchise, and particularly to the films, would change the lives of many people and lead to less body shaming. The character could be an already introduced X-Man, or a totally new one; it wouldn’t matter as long as they were portrayed in a positive light. Having just one fight scene, a cameo, of a plus-size woman in an X-Men franchise film would be incredible! If you would like them to cast a woman that looks like me in an X-Men franchise film, or see one in the comics, please share this!

Edit: For those that think normalizing plus-size people is the same as promoting addiction and unhealthy habits: http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=91817

This article says: “What we look like on the outside doesn’t really matter; it’s what’s inside that really counts.”




I saw this advertisement for a Pokémon engagement ring and started to think about what kind of man I would like to marry one day. Here are the qualifications I have determined must be met:

-Agrees to a Sailor Moon themed wedding on the X-Mansion grounds.

-Reads my book fifty times the first day he gets a copy, and tells me it’s the best book he has ever read other than the Bible.

-Appreciates Flat and Scruggs adequately.

-Can recite the first one hundred fifty Pokémon in order.

-Thinks bass is the most important instrument.

-Is not opposed to living in a giant treehouse with a slide and ball pit.

-Is NOT one of those beard-wearing coffee drinkers.

-Will kill spiders and other creepy crawlies for me, even if it is the middle of the night and he has already gone to sleep.

-Agrees that Weapon X is a modern literary and artistic masterpiece, and likes to analyze it frame by frame once every few weeks.

-Would listen to an hour-long bass solo by Victor Wooten and still want more.

-Has a deep discussion with me after watching any movie or reading any book.

-Hardly ever rewatches a movie that wasn’t directed by Tim Burton or Studio Ghibli.

-Will help me read the map on Legend of Zelda games so I don’t get lost.

-Would not find it awkward to build a bear with me at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

-Likes the smell of books.

-Always has Pee-Wee Herman and/or Napoleon Dynamite quotes at the ready.

-Owns at least half as many books as me.

-Does not mess with my perfectly arranged collections on shelves. (He needs his own shelves).

-Agrees that mayonnaise is the worst condiment ever created and does not belong on chicken sandwiches.

-Has a great macaroni and cheese recipe.

-Agrees Wolverine is the best X-Man.

-Thinks my terrible dancing is cute.

-Gets my sense of humor, and accepts all the crazy that is me.




Rainy Day Reflection

Mark twain best famous quotes images pics  (10)

On this rainy day, I’ve decided to take a little time to reflect on all that has been bothering me. As Mark Twain put it, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

My most recent worry has been the length of time it is taking to get my book out, and I am still not at the end of the road with it. I started writing Wolf’s WAR during my first semester of college, and here I am finishing up my third year! It turns out it took Mark Twain about seven years to write his masterpiece, Huckleberry Finn! Twain wrote some of Huckleberry Finn, and then took a long break from writing it, to work on other writings, before returning to Huckleberry Finn. They always say don’t rush perfection, and I can believe that now knowing that Twain took his time when writing his masterpieces.

Twain also said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” I whole-heartedly agree with this sentiment. I believe that God has a purpose for each life, and fulfilling that purpose will bring us true happiness. I have recently been reflecting on that; trying to figure out what my purpose is. I realize now that it is not always clear what your purpose will end up being, but you should allow God to guide you into pursuits that you feel called to. I feel called to get my book out, as I believe it was a moment of inspiration that allowed me to write it, and I believe it will help others. Writing may not be my one and only purpose in life, but I should strive to fulfill that goal for now because that will bring me great joy and fulfillment. Having any goal and thriving for it helps you feel better! Everyone should work toward something they care about, and that is just what I am going to do.

I’ve also been reflecting on why I haven’t been able to write my Wolf’s WAR series within the past few months. Every time I start to write, I start thinking about how other people reading it are going to react. Why do you think I’m so shy and reserved? Why do I not post very often on my blog, Twitter, or Facebook?   I am terrified of what people think about me! I’d like to make everyone happy, but I just can’t do that! I love who I am, and what I believe. I should know by now that everyone is unique, and that is what makes the world an interesting place. As long as I’m happy with myself, I shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks!

I hope to start posting a little more often for those of you that are interested in what I have to say, and/or my interests. I’ll leave you with my favorite Mark Twain quote, “When all else fails, write what your heart tells you. You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”



My Family’s 18 Years of Pokemon


It was around 1998, when I was three years old, when I first discovered the wonder that is Pokémon. I was staying at my Memaw’s house when it came on TV one morning. After that day, I begged my parents until they finally allowed me to get the Pokémon Handbook. It contained information on all 150 Pokémon, and I made them read it to me every night.  My father, having had to read everything for me, ended up loving it as much as me.  From that day on, we were a Pokemon family.  We’ve traveled to so many events, if you name an event we were probably there, collected all the merchandise we could, and made so many memories. Here, I’ll share just a small fraction of the events we have attended on our Pokémon journey.

The first big event I can clearly remember is a mall tour where you could battle a Nintendo employee to get a Mew on your Red or Blue game. I defeated the Nintendo employee, but they had run out of Mews so I got a Venusaur instead. My favorite memory is Pokémon Live, where I got to meet Team Rocket backstage (the picture above is from that). During the early, Ruby and Sapphire days, when I was still very young, I entered the Pokémon Rocks Song Contest. The contest was to write new, Ruby and Sapphire related, words to the original theme song. The prize was a Lugia car! I ended up with 2nd place, so I received a new Gameboy and the new games. I remember shortly after that two mall tours, one was Pokémon Rocks America; one outside a mall and one inside a mall. I received the Eon Ticket at the one outside, and Celebi at the other. I remember some time after that being excited to get a shiny Milotic on my Sapphire game at one of the Regional Championship events.   Some time later we attended a Black and White mall tour that featured a scavenger hunt and a screening of the Zoroark movie. One of our recent adventures was attending The Pokemon World Championship in Washington D.C., and Symphonic Evolutions. Symphonic Evolutions is my favorite recent event.

What I listed is just a small fraction of the Pokémon memories my family has shared. I hope to create new Pokémon memories with my family for many years to come. Happy 20th Pokémon!

You can watch my Pokemon Rocks Song Contest video here: https://youtu.be/3mBkhoR6SZM