The Patrick County Young People’s Artist Work Shop & Art Show

Yesterday Jake and I attended “The Patrick County Young People’s Artist Work Shop & Art Show.” It’s always great to be surrounded by like-minded people enjoying a shared activity, and I’m so glad we got to go. We had the chance to meet some amazing artists including Whitney Collazo, Chad Hunt, and Jason Bowers. They were also filming a documentary! Most people would think it coincidence that we were filming “Rhythm From Chaos”, the documentary I was in by Joel Goldsmith who did music for Star Trek and Stargate, on the same day several years ago. It would also seem like huge coincidence that the host of this event, and star of the documentary, is someone my Mom went to school with who has a daughter about the same age as me, but I don’t believe in coincidence.

Sammie sent Jake some comics about three years ago around Christmas time; he was asking everyone on Facebook if their kids would like some comics. At that time I had just finished watching the X-Men Animated Series with Jake and had read some X-Men prose novels I bought at the used bookstore. I was still trying to convince myself that it was really only my little brother who liked X-Men, and I was just watching it because he liked it; I didn’t think I needed another childish thing to be into. I soon learned that X-Men, and comics in general, are not “childish”. Sammie had sent two parts of the Weapon X story arc by Barry Windsor-Smith; if you really know me, it’s that thing that I won’t stop talking about by that writer/artist I’m obsessed with. As soon as Jake pulled those books out, the covers struck me as something I had never seen before. I immediately read them, sat there a minute absorbing, then reread them. By the next evening I had bought the rest of the story arc on the IPad.

Long story short, comic books have an impact on people than other mediums do not. A comic book is a combination of art and storytelling that is very much unique. Sammie goes around to schools teaching children about comic books, and I think that is a very important thing that will impact those children’s lives.

The workshop was a great experience. Despite having earned ribbons in school art shows when I was younger, and loving to draw, I’ve always thought I was terrible. I’ve always been hard on myself in everything I do, whether it be music, writing, or just how I act around others; I think it’s human nature to want to be “normal.” Jason Bowers, who we spent much of our time with, said something like, “Never compare yourself to another artist.” If someone had told me something like that when I was around ten years old, I might have went into art. I think it’s very important that those types of lessons were being taught and impacting the younger children at the event.

Long story short, it was a great experience for both of us. Here is a picture of the goody bag I got, and the art I made. I know my art looks a little spooky, but the real world can be a scary place too. I had charcoal all over me, and I don’t think I got it all off until I took a shower this morning.


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