Introduce A Plus-Size, Female X-Man!

After having just seen X-Men Apocalypse a few days ago, and it was amazing by the way, I began thinking once again about something that has been bothering me about the X-Men franchise for some time; why in the world have they not had a plus-size, female X-Man yet?! I don’t mean something like the Blob who is made fun of rather blatantly; I mean a character whose weight is not mentioned, and does not define who they are. I’m not just talking the comics either; I’m talking about the films as well.

The X-Men have paved the way for tolerance and acceptance of all people since their debut in 1963. The franchise is about being different, and the struggles mutants face just for being who they are. To get this message across, they have represented different races, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations within the X-Men universe. The X-Men franchise has also featured strong female characters that have inspired generations of girls and women. I think it’s about time for the X-Men franchise to pave the way for tolerance again.

When more than 2 in 3 adults in the U.S. are considered overweight or obese, and over 70% of women in the U.S. are a size 14 or above, isn’t it about time that those people be represented in a positive light within our pop culture? Barbie is already paving the way with its line of different sizes of dolls; including a curvier figured model. There has even been a plus sized, female superhero introduced by Valiant Comics!

As a fan of the X-Men franchise, and a plus size woman, I whole heartedly believe that introducing a plus size X-Man to the franchise, and particularly to the films, would change the lives of many people and lead to less body shaming. The character could be an already introduced X-Man, or a totally new one; it wouldn’t matter as long as they were portrayed in a positive light. Having just one fight scene, a cameo, of a plus-size woman in an X-Men franchise film would be incredible! If you would like them to cast a woman that looks like me in an X-Men franchise film, or see one in the comics, please share this!

Edit: For those that think normalizing plus-size people is the same as promoting addiction and unhealthy habits:

This article says: “What we look like on the outside doesn’t really matter; it’s what’s inside that really counts.”


8 thoughts on “Introduce A Plus-Size, Female X-Man!

  1. The problem is that by introducing an overweight character, readers would instantly label him/her as ‘the fat one’, even if the weight is not mentioned. It’s like trying to introduce a female character in a all-male team: regardless of how good she may be, it will always stand out. And of course, writers are afraid of that.

    The solution is pretty simple: Keep doing it until there’s not only 1 or 2. The first one will always have some backlash and all, but the 2nd will have less, the 3rd will have even less, and so on. Much like non-white characters. It was a fuss when the first black character joined the Avengers, but if you read All-New All-Different, half of the team is not white (Morales, Sam Wilson, Khan, Cho…)

    Good read! Nice to see you back here.


    • I totally agree with you that there needs to be more than one of a “diverse” character for them to be seen as “normal” by the general public. Many of the X-Men teams have had many different types of people, and it still didn’t make any particular one stand out as the “weird” one. I think it could work out if people were only a little more openminded. I haven’t read much Avengers, so I wouldn’t know about the diversity in it; I only read X-Men franchise comics: X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, New Mutants, Alpha Flight, Excalibur, Wolverine, Deadpool, etc, and mostly the 80s and 90s stuff. Thanks for the well wishes, and the comment, Greg!


      • I’m not a huge Avengers fan either, but I like Spiderman and Miles Morales is great, so I’ve been giving All New All Different Avengers a chance. Half of the team are not white right now: Kamala Khan (Current Ms Marvel) is from the middle east, Amadeus Cho (New Hulk) is part Asian, Miles Morales (Spiderman!) is of Latin descent, and Sam Wilson (The current Captain America) is African American. Not to mention Thor being a woman. When the first ‘different’ character was introduced a lot of people turned heads, but now we don’t even question it. It’s just a matter of not being afraid to take risks and be more and more inclusive.


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  2. There is one featured in the limited series X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever. Her name escapes me at the moment. The series isn’t set in the main Marvel continuity so she will likely not appear in other X-Men books, but it’s a start.

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    • Awesome! I’ve heard of this limited series, but haven’t read it. I have read “Wolverine Worst Day Ever,” which is hilarious; this looks similar but in comic book form.


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