I saw this advertisement for a Pokémon engagement ring and started to think about what kind of man I would like to marry one day. Here are the qualifications I have determined must be met:

-Agrees to a Sailor Moon themed wedding on the X-Mansion grounds.

-Reads my book fifty times the first day he gets a copy, and tells me it’s the best book he has ever read other than the Bible.

-Appreciates Flat and Scruggs adequately.

-Can recite the first one hundred fifty Pokémon in order.

-Thinks bass is the most important instrument.

-Is not opposed to living in a giant treehouse with a slide and ball pit.

-Is NOT one of those beard-wearing coffee drinkers.

-Will kill spiders and other creepy crawlies for me, even if it is the middle of the night and he has already gone to sleep.

-Agrees that Weapon X is a modern literary and artistic masterpiece, and likes to analyze it frame by frame once every few weeks.

-Would listen to an hour-long bass solo by Victor Wooten and still want more.

-Has a deep discussion with me after watching any movie or reading any book.

-Hardly ever rewatches a movie that wasn’t directed by Tim Burton or Studio Ghibli.

-Will help me read the map on Legend of Zelda games so I don’t get lost.

-Would not find it awkward to build a bear with me at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

-Likes the smell of books.

-Always has Pee-Wee Herman and/or Napoleon Dynamite quotes at the ready.

-Owns at least half as many books as me.

-Does not mess with my perfectly arranged collections on shelves. (He needs his own shelves).

-Agrees that mayonnaise is the worst condiment ever created and does not belong on chicken sandwiches.

-Has a great macaroni and cheese recipe.

-Agrees Wolverine is the best X-Man.

-Thinks my terrible dancing is cute.

-Gets my sense of humor, and accepts all the crazy that is me.





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