My Family’s 18 Years of Pokemon


It was around 1998, when I was three years old, when I first discovered the wonder that is Pokémon. I was staying at my Memaw’s house when it came on TV one morning. After that day, I begged my parents until they finally allowed me to get the Pokémon Handbook. It contained information on all 150 Pokémon, and I made them read it to me every night.  My father, having had to read everything for me, ended up loving it as much as me.  From that day on, we were a Pokemon family.  We’ve traveled to so many events, if you name an event we were probably there, collected all the merchandise we could, and made so many memories. Here, I’ll share just a small fraction of the events we have attended on our Pokémon journey.

The first big event I can clearly remember is a mall tour where you could battle a Nintendo employee to get a Mew on your Red or Blue game. I defeated the Nintendo employee, but they had run out of Mews so I got a Venusaur instead. My favorite memory is Pokémon Live, where I got to meet Team Rocket backstage (the picture above is from that). During the early, Ruby and Sapphire days, when I was still very young, I entered the Pokémon Rocks Song Contest. The contest was to write new, Ruby and Sapphire related, words to the original theme song. The prize was a Lugia car! I ended up with 2nd place, so I received a new Gameboy and the new games. I remember shortly after that two mall tours, one was Pokémon Rocks America; one outside a mall and one inside a mall. I received the Eon Ticket at the one outside, and Celebi at the other. I remember some time after that being excited to get a shiny Milotic on my Sapphire game at one of the Regional Championship events.   Some time later we attended a Black and White mall tour that featured a scavenger hunt and a screening of the Zoroark movie. One of our recent adventures was attending The Pokemon World Championship in Washington D.C., and Symphonic Evolutions. Symphonic Evolutions is my favorite recent event.

What I listed is just a small fraction of the Pokémon memories my family has shared. I hope to create new Pokémon memories with my family for many years to come. Happy 20th Pokémon!

You can watch my Pokemon Rocks Song Contest video here:


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