My IndieGoGo Is Officially Over

My IndieGoGo is officially over, and we didn’t reach the goal, but I won’t give up, and I’ll never stop dreaming. Thank you to everyone that was supported me through this journey. Even though we didn’t reach the goal, but I’m closer than when I started. If you’d still like to donate in exchange for one of the perks, feel free to contact me. I won’t receive the funds from IndieGoGo for a few weeks, but after that goes through, I’ll be printing however many copies of my novel I can afford to print, and getting those out to my contributors. We’ll also be working more on the soundtrack in coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates, and never stop dreaming.

3 thoughts on “My IndieGoGo Is Officially Over

  1. Thanks for the encouragement Greg. My IndieGoGo did give me enough funds to print a few copies and gave it some exposure, so in that respect it was successful. It just didn’t get the exposure I expected, and I didn’t raise enough to pay for all that I planned. Hopefully in the coming weeks when I can get some print copies and ebooks out there, it’ll get more exposure. It’s all just going to take longer than I expected.


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