How I Became a Mutant Advocate

There I was, an eighteen-year-old woman enjoying my first comic book. I tried at first to convince myself that my younger brother was the one really interested in X-Men and Wolverine. Society teaches us that comic book and cartoons are for children, not college age women. As I delved deeper into this newly discovered world, I found out how intellectually rich this medium could be. Real world issues can be explored within fantastic worlds, and fantastic worlds and character can be made to be completely believable. I soon knew, I could not deny my love of X-Men.

I was working on one of the many drafts of my first novel, and hadn’t yet made the decision to let anyone else read it, when I first became interested in X-Men. I had seen all the live action movies, and watched X-Men Evolution Saturday mornings as a child, but I never got into it as much as other series’ like Pokémon. It had been a while, at the time, since a live action movie had been out, when I heard a new Wolverine film was coming. Somehow that sparked my curiosity, and I ended up reading up on Wolverine on Wikipedia. From that, I found the 90s X-Men animated series, and started watching a couple episodes before bed each night.

At first, I believe I was drawn to X-Men because of how it resembles the types of stories I have always enjoyed coming up with, and the fact that Wolverine’s abilities are quite similar to those of the main character of my Wolf’s WAR series, minus the claws and Adamantium. As I delved further into this world, it became more real thanks to the amazing writers and artists who brought it to life. I became attached to these characters because of how realistic they seemed to me. Soon, I saw how powerful the messages were; the struggles mutants endure that are comparable to real world problems. I also found an overall message, of what the X-Men stand for.

Mutants, including the X-Men and Wolverine, are hated and feared because they are different than the majority, but they do not respond with hatred. The X-Men protect and help those that hate and fear them because it is the right thing to do. I’m sure all of us have felt like a mutant at some point in our lives, and there are always people who will dislike you just for being different than they are. You cannot change who you are, and even if you could, you shouldn’t want to. Be proud of what makes you different, and you will find your place in the world. You will find people who accept you for who you are. Everyone is unique, some just more so than others. Being unique, being a mutant, is a good thing. Those messages that have resonated with so many are why X-Men means so much to me. It’s my dream that some day my Wolf’s WAR novels will help others the way X-Men does.

I try to share my love of X-Men with as many people as I can now. I recently decorated my Factor bass guitar with an “X” decal and an X-Men strap; I call it the “X-Factor” bass now. You also may have seen my picture as a mutant on the Tandem Initiative site Fox created to advertise the Days of Future Past film. I’ve also visited the X-Mansion ,that was used in the first films, during a trip to Canada. Last Christmas I received a wonderful gift; the ability to read X-Men comics starting from the very first issue. I have a lot of reading to go, but I’m glad of that. I plan to enjoy X-Men and Wolverine comics for many years to come. I hope to meet some fellow X-Fans online and locally, so please send some comments my way. I’d love to hear how some of you got into X-Men.


If you would like to support the publication of my first novel, please visit my IndieGoGo page:’sWAR/x/10210060

Kayla Running



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